Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Georgia Walk For Autism

Believe it or not, another year has gone by. Our sweet Noah is now 8 years old and finishing second grade. Once again we will be raising money for the Georgia Walk for Autism and we need your help. The Georgia Walk for Autism is the only one in the country that raises money for both autism research and treatment. Donations will go to both Autism Speaks and The Marcus Institute. As it was with our sweet Noah early diagnosis and treatments are one the main keys to helping kids with autism.
I should clarify that we aren't going to be able to walk this year because the walk is on a Sunday morning, but we are still having a team in the walk, and most importantly we are raising money for this important cause. So I guess this year we are a virtual walk team. Every dollar can help. Together we can help find the missing pieces.

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